iFetch video collection: the coolest video clips of dogs playing fetch

ifetch video still

For anyone who owns an iFetch (or is thinking of buying one), there’s nothing cooler than watching iFetch videos online, seeing pooches of all different types running around and chasing down those familiar blue balls.

The iFetch video has become one of YouTube’s most popular pet video topics, so we’ve put together a collection of some of the best. Check ’em out!

iFetch video clips

This first vid is one of my favorites. Haru the jack russell terrier chases down the balls and returns them to the iFetch drop slot so the machine can launch them out again. My own dog is part jack russell, so I love watching this little doggy play fetch!

Next up is a dog named Zero who loves retrieving the iFetch’s balls and knows how to bring them back:

Next comes Lexie the miniature dachshund. Dachshunds are some of the cutest dogs around, and this one is excited to play with her dog ball launcher toy. I like this video because it shows Lexie’s owner training her to deposit the balls in the iFetch. It’s a good guide for any dog owners trying to train their own pets to use the device.

Here comes a second dachshund video. This puppy gets so excited that he sometimes stands right in front of the machine and gets pelted in the face with the balls. But as you can see, he doesn’t get hurt, since the balls are soft enough.

A third dachshund video? Yep, that’s right! The video below shows Crusoe the dachshund struggling to figure out the device before getting it eventually. This one is a high-quality iFetch video clip shot using a Go Pro.

Finally, here’s another training video in which Rocco discovers how to play fetch all by himself using the ball shooter.

iFetch video clips summary

As we noted in our iFetch review, the machine is appropriate for many different types of dog breeds. That is clearly indicated by the number of breeds depicted in these awesome videos.

Do you have an iFetch video of your pet? Send us the link via our Contact page and you may see it posted right here!

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