How to Make Sure Your Dog’s Toys Are Safe

dog fetch toy safety

Owning a puppy is a lot of fun, but dog owners have a number of serious responsibilities as well. Keeping your pet safe during playtime is one of the big ones. Many pet owners simply purchase dog toys intended and then forget about them. But it’s important to always take the time to ensure that the toys you purchase are safe for your pooch.

Choose Age-Appropriate Toys Designed for Dogs and Puppies

Sometimes people think they can save money by purchasing kid’s toys and giving them to their child-friendly dogs. But resist this urge to pinch pennies. Toys designed for puppies are made with these animals in mind and are made to hold up to heavy chewing from sharp teeth. They offer the kind of play that dogs and puppies enjoy, whether that involves squeaking noises or bouncing motions.

Evaluate the Condition of Your Pet’s Toys

All of your pet’s current toys should undergo a thorough investigation at the end of the week, especially if your pet has been playing with them continuously. As the toy begins to degrade due to normal wear, it becomes more likely that a part of the toy will come off, placing your pet at risk of choking during playtime. Be sure to discard any of the toys that are beginning to fall apart.

If you throw any of your pet’s toys away, do so when your pet isn’t watching. You don’t want your puppy digging through the trash, so make sure that you keep it secured. Dogs have an uncanny ability to recognize their playthings, even if you’ve piled trash on top of the toys.

Help Your Dog to Recognize the Difference between Toys & Household Items

All too often, pet toys resemble an item commonly found in the home. If you want your dog to know the difference, make sure that you only buy him toys that don’t look anything like your shoes or socks.

Choosing toys that offer safe playtime for your pet is part of your responsibility as a pet owner. It’s also something that you’ll want to do to ensure your pet is happy and healthy. Make sure that you only buy playthings intended for dogs and inspect the integrity of the toys at least weekly, throwing away the ones that are damaged.

Dog Toy Safety Conclusion

Large fetch toys like automatic dog ball shooters such as the iFetch and PetSafe are obviously made for pets and are quite safe, but smaller squeaky toys may not always be of the highest quality. Be vigilant and thorough to ensure that all of your canine friend’s toys are safe!

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